Ancies are too weak

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Ancies are too weak Empty Ancies are too weak

Post by Mongyman on Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:00 am

Antik have in version 0.75a excessive awards and craft like Orion and Aurora, nor will miss costs Wraith ship.Orion Tauri is much better.A why have people Atlantis?Is that a stupidity.People have - not presentiment how produce anything like that.
Ship Aurora be off the trail Atlantic and Ori crusader most powerful by boat.(here be behind and slow).Doesn't go play behind antique paper after internetI know that is that a perhaps also question balancing but I am zasatance rather that leave in races their much and power and antiky etc . possibly bittock slow down at the beginning nevertheless must defend.Every race must have its personal style and advantage.E.g . antique paper big much concentraded in single ship

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