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Lantians ships Empty Lantians ships

Post by Lantian on Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:34 pm

first of all i want to say this is the best homeworld2 mod i have seen second few questions about the Lantians: about the Atlantis city ship even though it looks great i highly doubt that the Lantians would send one of only three of there great city ships into battle if possible it should be an aurora that is there mother ship that way its feels more true to how they more than likely fought. make them, cant belive i am sugesting this :p, but make them more like the wraith in building. like the wraith start out with a hive in turn the Lantians start out with an aurora. the wraith can build more hive ships and the Lantians can build more auroras wich are like adding more motherships. the destroyer needs sheild!!!!! sry but any ship like the destroyer would have had sheilds. o and what program did you use to make the aurora and destroyer? they are very good models just add the cannons and energy wepons that go with them and they would be perfect

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Lantians ships Empty Re: Lantians ships

Post by Daniel Jackson on Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:50 am

The most important thing would be in my opinion giving Atlantis heavy shield technology and hundreds of drone weapons.
And i think if you guys and girls are creative enough than you could design a few Ancient, Wraith, Tau'ri, Goa'uld and Ori ships to replace the Pride of Hiigara, the Vaygr Flagship, the Carriers and Shipyards and every other ship that is NOT in Stargate should be deleted out of this MOD

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