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Placement in an Organisation  Empty Placement in an Organisation

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Why do a placement?

A placement can have a number of benefits: you can develop new skills, build confidence and maturity, and gain relevant experience in a real organisation. Coming back for your final year, you will have real experience of the workplace that will help you make the most of your learning. For many students, the placement helps them focus on a specific career and improves their employability. Many employers use their placement programmes as a way to recruit graduates.
What does a placement involve?

The placement consists of a minimum of forty weeks work experience with an organisation between late June one year and the end of September the next (ie. 40+ weeks over 15 months). The placement effectively becomes the third year of a four year degree.
How to find a placement

Many organisations offer placements. Some students find placements by applying to companies directly and by using the many sources of information on the Internet. It is worth approaching organisations directly whether they advertise placements or not you might be able to generate just the right opportunity for you. We provide support through our Careers Advisory Service.
What makes a successful placement?

You will be paid by the employer the salary will be determined by you and the employer.

A good placement scheme should provide you with a wide variety of experience, and blend challenging you with providing support. We ask the organisation providing the placement to nominate a sponsor a primary contact who will work with you to ensure the placement is successful. We provide a tutor from the University who will keep in touch with you during the year to help you reflect on your learning and to make the most of the experience.

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