Ancient race clipping problems and texture glitches

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Ancient race clipping problems and texture glitches Empty Ancient race clipping problems and texture glitches

Post by Winter Dragon on Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:31 am

Hi, your mod has a lot of potential and I look foward to playing future releases. 0.8 was the only link I found on your home page, waaay down the bottom of a long thread of text and images, and the version I got is in french so I'm not sure on a lot of options as I'm english.

Here is what I observed in 15 minutes of playing;

- The Atlantis city mesh vanishes if I zoom out more than a few hundred meters. Same with the Lantean Destroyer. I still see the green icons but the meshes are just invisible unless I'm at maximum zoom. Makes it hard to play like this.

- Several ships have flickering textures, this is the similar flicker I see if a 3d model has two faces or polygons exactly on top of one another, but that may not be the cause here. Examples I saw are Archilles, the two 'wings' that extend out near the engines have flickering on the top sides, for example.

But it's coming along nicely, keep up the good work. I look foward to your next release. Smile

Winter Dragon
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